I’m a night owl, I just can’t help myself! It seems like every evening, I start winding down for the day and quickly realize all of the things I didn’t get accomplished yet! So off I go. . . placing orders, finalizing projects, blogging, backing up data, replying to emails, finishing quarterlies, starting new projects, searching for product packaging. . . and on, and on, and on.

It’s typically late at night when Ashley & I create the most amazing hashtags. #itselevenandthingsarehappening And when we develop the best ideas. And when we realize that the best ideas we’re creating are actually adding about 15 more things to our never ending to-do list.

So. To share with you the crazy Whimsy schedule in which we function, Ashley & I have decided to give ourselves one extra task this Holiday Season. From November 1st-January 1st, we have begun tallying. In January we will share with you some interesting Hint of Whimsy statistics. We’ll then give you some insight into:

  • How many cups of coffee it took to keep us awake through the holiday season
  • How many nights we each were up past midnight
  • How many take out dinners we were forced to order for our families
  • How many emails we sent
  • How many photos were edited
  • How many Christmas Cards were created
  • How many times the UPS man rang our doorbell

We assure that when we deliver the final infographic, you’ll gain some lovely insight into the lives of Whimsy!