Well, hello again world wide web!

Ashley & I may be good at a lot of things but the world wide web is NOT one of them! One year ago we eagerly uploaded our first Wordpress blog! We blogged (irregularly!) for approximately four months and were forced into 'under construction' status by never ending spam! The spammers won that battle but we’re ready to give it another shot with this dandy website!

So take a gander! Your feedback is welcome – drop us a note, ring us, or even knock on our door. . . let us know what you like or dislike! But one thing is for sure. . . we’re back for good Internet, and nothing you can do will stop us!

- aaron

PS -- HUGE thanks go out to Miss Amanda Francis for being so patient with us in the first go around and to Mr. Trey Welstad for being the master of the internets and helping us with domains and DNSs and all other jargon associated with the world wide web.  { THANKYOU! }