Hello there, 2014!

Well Whimsies, that’s a wrap! Ashley & I rang in the New Year with warm hearts, knowing 2013 has been a delightful year for Hint of Whimsy! When we woke up on New Years morning, we greeted the year with a warm, “Hello there, 2014!”

As I sit here in my fuzzy socks, ignoring the ice age developing on the other side of my chartreuse polka dot curtains, I can’t help but think about what tomorrow will look like, what this year in Whimsy will bring us and how life in 2014 could be any more wonderful than 2013 was.

There are very few things Whimsy would change about 2013, but there are always just a few things we look forward in the start of a new year. . . so in 2014, we whimsies hope to. . .

  • wear more polka dots
  • find more vintage quilts
  • dance with more 5 year olds
  • capture more first dances
  • smash more cakes!
  • hang more family portraits

Bring it on, 2014!

New Year, New Whimsy.jpg