Whimsy's { What TO Wear! }

One of the questions we are asked most frequently is the same question I ask myself each and every morning. . . . “what should I wear!?” Here are a few quick tips & tricks to get you through tomorrow morning AND our upcoming { Mommy & Me } Mini Sessions!

First, consider YOUR style: sporty? dressy? trendy? casual? Always dress within your comfort zone! Never buy an outfit for a session that you wouldn’t wear in public. For { Mommy & Me } Minis, Ashley & I feel that neutral colors are most appropriate! Here are a few hints & tips:

  • Neutrals: white, cream, tan, gray
  • Pastels: pink, blue, lavender, yellow

  • Trendy colors: mint, coral, mustard, teal

  • Light or small patterns can add variety!

Hints for FAMILIES:

Consider choosing one piece of clothing that includes many colors you like for the person HARDEST to dress. Use that piece to plan around in the rest of the outfits! (Note: Matching outfits can look dated – try to stay away from everyone in jeans, sisters in identical dresses, or more than one plaid shirt on your boys!)

Try choosing a “palette” - fall colors, spring, neutral or brights! Choose two accent colors to use in every outfit. You can also start with neutrals and add from there! Here are a few more ideas: 

  • Mix & Match Patterns (include a few solids so the patterns aren’t overwhelming)

  • Add Texture! (knit, denim, ruffles, lace)

  • Layer! (think scarves, jackets, leggings)

  • Don't stress over shoes! (barefoot is cute for kiddos!)

  • Stay away from graphic t-shirts, anything with text can be distracting in photos! 

If you really feel at a loss when choosing just what to wear. . . message us! We love receiving texted photos of our clients outfit considerations and we always encourage families to bring EXTRA clothing and accessories to the session and we can help you choose! 

Hope this helps! 
- aaron