Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make places beautiful.

It doesn’t take long for clients to quickly turn down the offer of a lifestyle photo session in their home. Most opt for a dreamy studio session or have us { whimsies } scope out the perfect outdoor location for their engagement, newborn and family photos. Don’t get us wrong, we love the images created in our studio and above all, YES, we { LOVE } working outdoors. But there’s a little piece of our heart that aches for more { whimsies } opting for in-home sessions.

Most moms quickly exclaim, “Oh no, my house is a disaster!” and dad’s will joke, “I haven’t mowed the lawn in a month!” But we promise you – we are not looking for beautiful places, we are looking to make your place beautiful!

Yes, your every day, sometimes crazy, mismatched, stained and well loved home!

But the truth of the matter is, home is where your husband will be most at ease, your newborns most cozy, your children { surprisingly } well behaved and precious memories are at our fingertips! 

Three years ago, when Ashley & I were just getting this whole { whimsy } thing off the ground, a special little man entered our lives! Due to some unforeseen circumstances, Mr. Holden had to spend a little extra time in the hospital. Every single image Ashley posted had me thinking, “This woman is magic – she even makes a HOSPITAL look dreamy!” Take a look. . . 

We’ve also had the excitement of taking soon-to-be-momma’s and new brides to fun locations in town. Check out how fun our very own Marketplace looks – and who doesn’t love a good Kroll’s milkshake? 

We’re always up for a good farmstead and adventure and a good backyard frolic!   


There are a few things { Hint of Whimsy } has been dying to capture. . . 

  • A birth story!
  • Life on the farm! 
  • Planting your garden!
  • The heartbeat of a home - the living room! 
  • A backyard BBQ! 
  • An afternoon stroll with your pups! 
  • Laundry day! 
  • Naptime!
  • Breakfast, lunch or family dinner! 
  • A camping trip!