Easy like Sunday morning. . !

The morning of Tiffany & Mitch's wedding, things just quietly slid into place. After months of planning
and preparation. . .  we anticipated a few final hours of early morning chaos. 

But things were. . .  quiet.

Easy, almost. 

The chairs arrived. The cake too. The dress was steamed. The china was set. 

The grass was dewy and the sun hadn't quite kissed our temples from above the treetops. There wasn't even a slight breeze to disrupt the table linen. 

If you ask me, all marriages should start like this. 

Guests arrived promptly to the Dakota Rose Bed & Breakfast that morning.

Everyone wore their Sunday best and greeted each other kindly, just as they would
the paperboy, delivering the morning newspaper. 

The smell of breakfast pastries flooded our tastebuds as Mr. & Mrs. Kvigne exchanged
their first kiss as husband and wife! It was time to celebrate over
fresh brewed coffee and newspaper word finds. 

Soon everyone's bellies would be as warm and full as their hearts. 

They say the first year of marriage is the hardest.
But these two made it look easy. Easy like Sunday morning. 

One year down. . . forever to go!
Happy Anniversary Tiffany & Mitch!