Sometimes, we get peed on!

On a weekly basis we are blessed to spend time with families, couples, new parents, long time parents, fiancés, blushing brides and all sorts of other whimsies – each coming to us with a preconceived idea of how the session might progress. Parents always hope for the best behavior from their children, brides hope they have rehearsed the perfect smile and families hope we just capture everyone looking at the camera. The one thing nobody expects in their photo session is an “oops!” an awkward moment, or heaven forbid . . . and embarrassing one!

But the reality is. . . sometimes, we do get peed on!


So this post is just to reassure you. We’ve seen it all. Bowel movements, temper tantrums, and even once and a while a tense moment between a husband and wife. But understand this, Whimsies are humans too! Our personal photo sessions go the same way. If you schedule a session with us and something doesn’t go just quite right . . . don’t apologize! We understand mistakes! We aren’t judging you, but rather waiting for the air to clear, the romance to return, the comedic relief and the whimsy to capture of your everyday life.