We Won’t Say the “S” Word!

Although you won’t admit it, we know you’ve all noticed the slight shift in the air as you head to work in the morning or say goodnight to your littles in the evening… but don’t worry, we won’t say the “s” word.

Of course you won’t admit it, but we know you’ve all smelled the scents of the Pumpkin Spice Latte and tried to ignore the Christmas décor start to fill the shelves… but don’t worry, we won’t say the “s” word.

And let’s be realistic… many of you haven’t even started to think about Halloween costumes!

We’re with ya – it feels like summer just got here! Unfortunately, we have to give everyone a friendly nudge… “it” is right around the corner. You know… the “s” word.

So, if you haven’t scheduled your family portraits, engagement pictures, newborn session, etcetera, etcetera and you adore the whimsical pictures we post with dewy green grass and sun kissed tree tops…


Well, the days of sessions like these are limited. The chilly nights will soon turn the leaves and the grass will start to fade. Though—some of us prefer the pale landscape and crisp air…


And although nobody likes that “s” word… waiting until November or December when the fluffy stuff flies isn’t always a BAD thing!


We love all of nature’s backdrops! But consider this your friendly reminder to take a moment to consider which is YOUR favorite time of year and get your session booked today!