Hint of Whimsy – We’re not going anywhere!

It turns out that a series of events has caused a little buzz in the Whimsy community! First we decided to discontinue hosting parties and shortly after we put up a Facebook Garage Sale to sell many of our props (including our big party table! ) Almost immediately we started getting questions about the status of Hint of Whimsy… and we wanted to clear it all up!

Hint of Whimsy isn’t going anywhere folks! In fact, we’re here to stay!

At Hint of Whimsy, we like to give each client a unique and custom session – we try not to use the same props over and over and we even constantly scout out new locations for shoots so that no family portrait looks the same! This simply means we shop a lot for the perfect props and that we are in a constant battle with STUFF! Unfortunately… we’re also quickly running out of places to hide things!


So worry not, we’re not going anywhere. If you see a cute blanket, quirky prop or piece of furniture for sale on Facebook. . . don’t worry that Hint of Whimsy is closing, we’re just trying to thin out our prop closet to make room for the newest finds!

That being said, be on the lookout for cute new items used in our fall & winter family portraits!