Disk Seekers & Memory Keepers

In honor of Facebook’s 10 anniversary, the Facebook team put together the ultimate #ThrowbackThursday – an algorithm that allows all 1 billion+ active users to share a personal video highlighting their Facebook history.

Lovers and haters of this nostalgic feature have clogged our newsfeeds and facebook-ers have watched (or avoided!) these “Facebook Movies” for over a week! But, why?

It’s 2014!

We no longer wait for film to be processed at the local drug store and long gone are the days of passing around photo albums at family gatherings. In 2014, we press play, while Facebook compiles our most precious memories to digitally share with friends and family.

In this digital age, it is safe to say that the most often asked question we receive from clients and prospective clients is whether we offer “the disk” or copyright of our images. Look, we get it! Families, couples and new mommies just want to be able to share their memories with the world!


But wouldn’t you agree that pictures look much better on your real wall than your Facebook wall?

We promise: Your precious memories will look much better displayed on your mantle than collaged together in a one-minute video! Your family portraits will look much better framed above your sofa than saved to a disk in your drawer.

This post is for the disk seekers, and memory keepers – don’t discount photographers for not selling copyright. By only offering printed products, rather than digital copies, photographers are able to ensure their images are pure and of quality! Please know that a CD of images is no more secure or timeless than 4x6 prints of your session. (Who says our little ones will even know what CD stands for?!)

At Hint of Whimsy, we’ve updated our packages to include 4x6 prints of every session. No minimum purchase. No strings attached.


Because we want you to send your grandma her own framed 5x7 for Valentine’s Day. We want you to see the smile on your father’s face when he flips through your custom album or session proofs. We want you to treasure your memories each and every day, to fill your walls with the smiles and laugher of the people you love – the precious moments that define your world.