Whimsy is the gleam in our eyes

Every once in a while, our inbox surprises us. It catches us off guard with a particular note that prompts a lift in our posture, inspires our smiles, and lingers long after the day is done.   

This is one of those messages . . . an excerpt from a book by Bob Goff and sent to us on a whim, out of the blue, by a dear friend.

“Whimsy was the gleam in our eyes; whimsy swelled the sails; whimsy swelled our hearts. That is the way whimsy works. It's a renewable, infinite resource that multiples. I've come to understand more about faith as I've understood more about whimsy. What whimsy means to me is a combination of the "do" part of faith along with doing something worth doing. It's whimsy that spreads hope like grass seed in the wind. Whimsy reminds me of the Bible, too, when it talks about stuff being like an aroma. It is not an overpowering one, just something that has a scent of God's love, an unmistakable scent that lingers.”


For us, this is whimsy.