Whimsy Testimonial by Guest Blogger, Kaela English!

Being asked to be a guest blogger for two of my faves in the photography world... big deal! I learned about Hint of Whimsy from a friend who said "things happen so fast and you think there is no way they got one good picture... then the pictures come back...!"

Our first session with Ashley and Aaron was just like that! 30 minutes couldn't have flown by any faster... then the sneak-peeks were posted to Facebook and they were so beautiful! Since that first session in 2013 we have done 5 more sessions with Hint of Whimsy! Each one unique and beautiful.

One of the best parts, is picking out all the outfits that we will wear during our sessions! I usually base everything off of one accessory or shirt! Weeks of preparation typically ensues... finding that just right pair of shoes or color of leggings! Ashley and Aaron take care of the rest of the magic.

I wish I would have known about Hint of Whimsey earlier in my life, as I think they would have made some other special moments in my family's life just as beautiful and memorable. So now my focus is making sure my friends and family that do not have a regular photographer knows what is out there! How beautiful and whimsical your photos can be!

Thank You Ashley and Aaron for making your talents public for all to enjoy!!!

Your friend,
Kaela English