Our Less than Picture-Perfect Whimsy Family Photo

Every fall, Ashley & I have the brilliant idea to take "Whimsy Family Photos" with our hubbies & bubbies all together in one crazy shot. 


This brilliant idea usually hits us after we photograph a beautiful family and we leave the session eager to take our own picture-perfect family photos. We usually text each other later that evening and foolisly plop it in our Whimsy calendar on a random date. 

The days and weeks pass and we end text each other anxiously the night before and try to pull together anything from our closets that even remotely match each other.

Here is our less than picture-perfect process. . . 

Aa: Soooooo. . . these are the ONLY cream-ish shirts I have. Everything else I own is bold. Like red, and green, and black, and not very "Ashley. . ."

Aa: Aaaannndddd these are the neautral-est shirts I have for the boys: 

Ash: Okay... well, here is what I have so far! 

Ash: But I also have these for the boys. . . 

Aa: Ahhh! So many choices! . . . So, how about this. Do you have any one outfit for any member of your family that you LOVE? I think we should pick ONE THING and build the rest of the outfits off of that. At least that's what I'd tell a client! 

Ash: Ummm. . . no. Do you? 

Aa: Well I sort of feel like Theo's plaid shirt is too bold? But without it, Holden's navy sweater will be too bold. Ugh. BUT. What if I tie it all together with a few bolder pieces on my end? And I just bought this $6 quilt at a thrift store that might be fun to include. . .  something like this. . . ?

Ash: I like it! What about this for my fam. . . 

Aa: So, it isn't as dreamy/creamy as I think you wanted but it's still pretty I think? But I seriously can't decide which shirt I like better for Graham and, my scarf - which one?

Ash: Hahahaha! No, I actually love it so much.

So here it is - our 2016 Whimsy Family Photo. . . all of our crazy on one colorful quilt. . . ! May you have peace in knowing that prepping for our own family photos is a little less than picture-perfect too. . . !